7 Jul 2014


The UK police have contacted a man living in the USA who, as an eight year-old child, was sexually abused at a boy brothel by a very top UK politician.

According to the Daily Telegraph:

Westminster paedophile ring

"Scotland Yard has tracked down a child at the centre of a ... 1980s Westminster paedophile ring who has implicated a senior political figure...

"The man - now in his 40s - is a successful entrepreneur based in the United States and has given a detailed account of how he was assaulted by the politician...

"Police have traced a copy of a statement he gave more than 30 years ago as a child when he was rescued from horrific sexual assault. 
"His version of events is understood to be corroborated by a detective who conducted the official interview with the child at the time."

However, the victim - "who was initially willing to co-operate - has so far refused to make a formal statement to British detectives."

The problem is that:
1. These child brothels and pedophile rings are reportedly run by the CIA, MI5 and their friends.
These child brothels and pedophile rings have been used by large numbers of the key people who run the country.
2. The whistleblowers tend to die in mysterious circumstances.

According to The Telegraph:
UK police have examined the case of the eight-year-old victim.

The victim was abused at the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.

The UK police reportedly got a US law enforcement officer (CIA?) to interview the victim.
The US officer reported back to the UK police that the victim was "ready to spill the beans".
The man then "changed his mind for unknown reasons and refused to co-operate."

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