21 Jul 2014

Veterans Do A Snappy “About Face” As Obama Motorcade Passes (Video)


In a group show of utter contempt, some very ticked off veterans in Delaware showed President Obama how they truly feel about his regime and his treatment of veterans, with a very snappy and well choreographed about face, when his part of the motorcade through on Basin Road, New Castle, DE.
Angry veterans protested President Obama’s visit to Delaware to show their disdain for how the administration has treated them. The 25 protesters — led by Martin Nicholson, a veteran Marine – lined the street and turned their backs to the president’s passing motorcade.
“We feel he’s turned his back on us veterans, so we’re going to turn our backs on him as he drives by on his motorcade to show our appreciation that he does not care about us veterans,” Nicholson told BuzzPo.com. Obama was in Delaware to discuss a recently damaged bridge, a topic the protesters call a waste of Obama’s time when much bigger issues demand his attention, including the Veterans Affairs scandal and the invasion of illegal immigrants.
“Take care of your own first,” protester John Stroud told BuzzPo. “There are Americans that need help first. I think there are more important things you could be doing than coming to Delaware to look at a bridge.” The Delaware bridge began to tilt after an unknown party dumped 50 tons of soil next to it. Repairs are expected to cost taxpayers $20 million, according to DelawareOnline.com.
Salute, Gentlemen and well done!

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