30 Aug 2014

Ben Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself as bonkers ?


Deus Nexus: In the continuing soap opera that is Benjamin Fulford’s posted spat with some of his readers, Fulford continues to stretch his credibility and what’s left of his readership by demonstrating his unwavering support for the Vatican and the British monarchy, digging the hole even deeper.

Fulford continues to attack Kevin Annet without provocation. His argument is ludicrous, as the below-the-line exchange demonstrates. Why would Kevin Annet, who is a Canadian minister, take on the American political power structure?

Does Mr. Fulford seriously expect Mr. Annet to singlehandedly take on every genocidal crime in the history of the world? Or is Mr. Fulford just deeply bothered by his chosen target, namely the Vatican and the Jesuit Pope. Fulford has documented his steadfast support for the new Pope in many of his columns.

Basically what Fulford is admitting is that the cabal has been divided by civil war and he/Fulford has already chosen a side, as evidenced by his posts, against the Bushes and the Rockefellers. This would explain why Fulford defends the Rothschilds, the Queen, and the Jesuit Pope. What he seems to be overlooking are the crimes Mr. Annet has accused the Vatican of, namely child trafficking, abuse, and ritual human sacrifice.


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