30 Aug 2014

Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man?

Count S. C. Chiang with Keenan
Who is Count S. C. Chiang ? and what is the buddy buddy link between keenan, drake, fulford, wilcock and cobra, to do with this man ?

and guess who’s head of knights of st john ??

“For the original Order of St. John, see Knights Hospitaller. … Royal Cypher of Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth.svg …. office of Prior, and in the hope of Reviving the Charter of Queen Mary dealing with the English branch of the Order, …”

Yep, looks totally like lizzie and crew to me :-)

So unless crew keenan have done a smart imitation of the working practices of the illuminati and counter infiltrated this obviously very elitist band of very knighted souls then … to me they don’t look quite so goodly inclined after all..

Hey wait i know, bet it’s all just in the name,, suppose there are lots of strains and different factions of these knights…..yes that’s it,, i’m getting the names all mixed up !!

King Arthur will be so pleased to think these brave knights have just saved the world for us,, or for the queen !.

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