9 Aug 2014





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Starving The War Machine



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We, the rightful owners of this planet stand UNITED against WAR and funding Wars in our names. We are no longer willing to fund the war machines (banks/governments). Our governments have been enacting psychological warfare on us for centuries, it is now our turn to do it to them.
Starting on October 8th, the 3rd blood moon, the numerological number 9 which signifies the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism and the humanitarian, lightworking and lightworkers, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, soul purpose and mission, generosity, a a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character.
​The number NINE also resonates with learning to say ‘No’.

On this day we will start withdrawing all funds from our bank accounts and closing down the accounts. It is necessary to close the accounts because they are considered accounts payable/assets, therefore, it must be removed. We may not benefit much or may not have much money in the bank, but they will surely lose on service charges. If you must and need a bank account then transfer over to a community bank or Credit Union, they will be glad to have our business which will in turn provide jobs.

That same week we are boycotting all large chain stores, we will TRY to not spend any money at all for a week, so if you can’t go without certain things, get them the day before. This is not about you not spending money as it is about them worrying and not knowing what is going on and also, throwing out perishable goods that are not being sold. This is about showing that we are UNITED and powerful when we come together. We will enact the same psychological warfare on them because due to our actions, their existence may come into question, we will create the chaos for them in their minds.

By our actions, United We Stand and demand that our governments withdraw all their troops from war zones, that they disarm and disable all weapons of mass destruction and declare a state of PEACE. Until Peace is achieved we will continue to close bank accounts worldwide, boycott all the large mega slave labor stores and shop at the local merchant, which will in turn create jobs.
We are no longer willing to fund wars in our name. We demand peace, we are United, we are the people. We are Unity Consciousness in action and not just in spirit. We will not stop starving the war machine until world peace has been achieved.

We will not take responsibility for the consequences of bank closures, bank runs, market instability or stock market crashes.

We, the rightful owners of this planet and it’s resources, the children of Mother Earth demand PEACE. No more wars, we will not finance the war machine.


Instructions on psychological warfare: It’s simple. Keep the stores and banks in the dark about why you are doing this. You are not obligated to tell the bank why you are closing your account. Simply state it’s none of their business. They do not need to know you’re part of the movement, let them guess and wonder why. That is the warfare, they don’t know why, how long, what is going to happen next, how far wide it will spread, their future is in question. As other people catch on or were afraid to do it before, they too will want to follow you when you tell them you are doing this for PEACE and that you are not willing to fund any more wars.

Note: The first response I got from people is that most people don’t have much in their bank accounts and that it’s inconvenient. This is not about how much money you have, it’s about inconveniencing the banks in the name of Peace. It’s about messing with their bottom line, creating insecurity, chaos, and most banks do not even have 10% of their clients cash needs. Furthermore, people will start seeing what we are doing and it could even cause a bank run because they will fear that the bank is about to go belly up. We will create an uncertain future for the banks and big retailers, but the most important aspect and purpose to doing this, it’s a test run to see how many people are awake, and to let them know we are UNITED and they can’t mess with us anymore.

When we complete this project, I know it will be successful, we will then go to the next project, our success will scare the crap out of them, we are doing nothing wrong, nothing illegal, they can’t charge us with anything, yet we are so powerful and that is the psychological warfare, it’s called payback time.

We are putting together a FB page and are looking for assistance in marketing the campaign that must start very soon if we are to start gaining attention and momentum.
Please respond with No More Wars in the subject, I get a lot of emails every day so that way I will prioritize them.

You old soul are about to embark on your first journey to Unity Consciousness on this timeline, this dimension and reality. We are about to change our world for the better. Feel it and believe it.


Our Mission Statement and Goals

Most people that start protests and demonstrations usually don’t have a fixed goal or a milestone to accomplish. They are simply protesting the situation/condition. How do we expect our great leaders to change something if we don’t give them a list of things we want changed? How can we expect them to react if we haven’t been clear on what we are demanding? What are the consequences if we are not listened to?

Our mission is to stop the wars. This project will start with hitting them where it hurts the most. If we can get 10% of the population to close their bank accounts at banks that receive government bailouts, banks that fund the endless war machine, then we have made a difference.

By boycotting the large retail mega slave labor stores, we are showing them that we can as Unity Consciousness work together and create change.



This is how Alfred Lambermont Webre has put it: Criminalization of the war industry – A criminalization of and global ban on war and armed conflict as a dispute resolution method. A permanent ban on the design, production, or sale of weapons systems, including nuclear weapons, space-based weapons, and conventional weapons. A permanent ban on the maintenance of offensive armed forces. Imposition of heavy criminal penalties for violation and astronomical fines, for individuals, organizations, and nations.

I am using his quote/material for this post because he does a better job of writing legal text, I’m not an attorney, I’m just a healer!

What do we want? What are the consequences? Let’s call it hunger strikes on money. We will not spend any money on any thing until we get what we want, PEACE.

We will hit the banks where it hurts the most, we create more awareness through this movement, we will gain attention of the media on the day of the EVENT, we will create momentum and other people will start paying attention, just like the protests all around the world are doing now for Gaza.

WE DEMAND PEACE by demanding from our governments to remove all military war machines from the war zones, to allow each country to deal with it’s own problems, as it should.

We will close bank accounts and try to not shop and spend money on things we can do without. Until such time that PEACE is achieved, until such time when our governments can announce PEACE, we will continue to hit them where it hurts the most and stop funding the war machines.


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