9 Aug 2014



Published on 9 Aug 2014
This episode of Veterans Today Radio is a special broadcast. It's very important.
Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Preston James
Gordon Duff relates how he now has multiple confirmations of a coming Terror Attack on the United States to be blamed on Iran to get a war started with Iran which has always been the goals of the Neocons.

Here are a just few notes from this broadcast. Please share VeteransToday.com and "Veterans Today Radio" broadcasts with as many patriots as possible. Illuminati gatekeepers such as Alex Jones have censored all of their information and tells you instead to get your news from Matt Drudge who is funded by Illuminati scumbag Murdoch!

Some things covered:
US planes hit ISIS targets for the first time. ISIS is an Israeli run and financed operation. ISIS is murdering people wholesale in Mosul. They are getting aid from Saudi and have full access to US satellites through Israel.

Kurdistan is closely aligned to the US. US artillery (105mm howitzer) was blasting Erbil Kurdistan! Obama sent (2) F-18's that took out the weapon.

ISIS designed to take the entire middle east. ISIS originally said they would defend Gaza and nuke Israel but said nothing during entire Gaza war. We have evidence the Israeli government murdered the teens that were claimed to be the reason Israel attacked even though the bombings started months earlier.

The Gaza war has been going on for years with Israeli strikes - plan is to entirely destroy Gaza.

We have a civil war going on within the United States right now between the holdout Neocons and the true patriots that know the evil that the Israeli government has done against the United States and are tired of the wars.

The neocons next plan is to pull off a major attack in the coming weeks if they are able to do so and blame it on Iran to start another war. They have caught Ukrainians and Chinese terror cells coming across the border. The border has been opened wide open by the Neocon faction.

The Ukraine army is getting smashed badly and that's why the neocon faction and rogue military units are assisting the puppet Ukrainian government.

The rogue neocons faction plans to use the star wars death ray weapons to take out Russian tanks along the border to take over the entire middle east!

Neocons pushing impeachment of Obama because he's not going along with the NWO war plans right now.

Tea party Republicans are agents of a foreign power (Israel) and are entirely on the take. Rand Paul is one of them.

Illegals coming over the border are tied to political group represented by Fox News (Sean Hannity etc) (Neocons).

The neocon faction are stripping the country! The Southwest is being especially stripped. Mormons have infected the NSA, Justice Department, CIA and have done so multi generationally.

Headquarters of this neocon faction is Fort Huachuza, Arizona which is an army Intel base that was supposed to seal the border using technology. They are the ones that have opened it and are taking orders from the Mexican drug cartels. Sierra Vista, Arizona is another headquarters of the rogue neocon faction.

There are militarized police departments across the south west, being run by cartels and controlled by Israel. The neocon rogue units are supported by alternative media operatives gatekeepers such as Alex Jones. Note by Glenn: Alex Jones has has censored every article from US Intelligence (VeteransToday.com).

Stew Webb reports that Dr. Croft who has been on Veterans Today Radio in the past has got confirmation by 38 doctors that there are over 30 cases of Ebola within the US! This has been kept secret!

The Ukraine air force only had a handful of advanced SU-27 and SU-29 aircraft and suddenly they now have dozens!

An American air force base is supporting the Ukrainian air force as are an Israeli base, a Polish base and a Romanian base!

24 Nations have charged Israel with War Crimes!

Timothy McVeigh (official Oklahoma City bomber) is still alive! He was given the backdoor treatment by Daddy Bush. They injected him with a drug that slowed his heart to one beat per minute and revived him afterwards, gave him plastic surgery and a new identity. (Note by Glenn: the details of this were covered in other Veterans Today Radio broadcasts)

80% of DC involved in buying out our puppet government. 3 of supreme court justices are tied to organized crime.

Many of the state governments are controlled by drug cartels now.

Our satellites can now see all minerals under the ground. They have found that Africa is sitting on top of a sea of oil. Africa has the largest supply of oil on the planet.

Chinese intelligence has been caught coming over our open borders.

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