1 Nov 2013

Once America is exhausted as the world's policeman China will take over

ALAN WATT ... Listen at 52 minutes.

Alan Watt being interviewed by Vinny Eastwood on American Freedom Radio ( New Zealand's most popular news channel).  Many good sections.

Interesting section on how they control men via the women, and they control women via the children.

Men are being medically redesigned to be less aggressive and less assertive, through food, vaccination and water.  Women to be more assertive.  Peer groups are programmed to dissolve the family, with teenagers hyper-sexualised and unable to form pair bonding relationships.

The wars are resources words.  The accounts of the wars written for the children to learn are nothing to do with the wars that actually happen.

Cecil Rhodes left all his money to Lord Rothschild.

Jesuits are mentioned.  Rhodes said 'we'll copy the methods of the Jesuits'.

Breeding of the elites.   Money is a means of control throughout history.  Getting others into debt.  Elites always work through lenders and merchants.  Marriage for the elites is always arranged by the merchants, who are the real bosses not the politicians, between people of equal wealth, with equal ruthlessness and greed.

Politicians are just front men.  They issue fake domestic stories about their family lives.  The elites spend a fortune on schooling, using private tutors.  The ruling elites are becoming a separate species.  They never need fear poverty.

The elites have affairs but mustn't breed outside the marriage.

China is also financed by the same financiers as all other countries.

Education for most people ensures you don't find out any of this.  The higher education you have, the peer pressure to belong, overcomes any thinking, and tendency to reject the indoctrination in the education system.  The brightest children according to Bertrand Russell, are recruited, taken away from their families, and they are made into 'one of us'.  If the child works out the system and rebels, then says Russell, they must be eliminated.  The very brightest children are often not selected, as they are more likely to realise who they're working for, and a top stream but lesser intellect is preferred.

In politics there is the outer party, which claims to be idealistic, and there is the inner party, which tells you just to obey, like the Freemasons.

All psychopaths are good actors and very charming.  They don't feel normal emotions but they study others and learn how to act the emotions they witness in others.

We're already completely global.  Society is completely dysfunctional.  The Club Of Rome, a top Think Tank of the elites, said democracy will never work.  Therefore we have to train the public into an authoritarian system.  People must adapt to survive.  Everyone must be completely predictable, to be easy for the psychopaths to control.

Fear is the primary weapon to make you give up your freedoms.  Terrorism.  9/11.  The oldest game in the book.

People are divided amongst themselves, so they can't act together in unity.  Strikes are always broken.

They give you heroes to follow.  Politicians pretend to speak for you and disarm your tendency to rebel.  Power must be maintained.  They find out who's questioning the system, and lead them up the garden path.

We're all profiled.  Everyone is profiled by The Pentagon, and their behaviour is predicted.

Is there any hope?  Will there be any rebellion?  To do that you need a common culture, but we don't have any common cultures any more.  They always kill the people who tell the people to live together in peace and harmony.

The United Nations ran the Cold War.  It's all fake.  It's a great plan if you're a psychopath bent on maintaining power.  Exposure of the system offers a glimmer of hope.


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