2 Jul 2014

COVERT WAR ON GLOBAL ENLIGHTENMENT ... Whistleblower Site: War in July if Snowden Docs Aren't Released

Glenn Greenwald was set to release his last, most shocking, NSA revelations until the U.S. Government made some shocking last minute claims. Now Whistleblower Site Cryptome says ALL Snowden docs will be released to prevent a war, which they say is coming soon.

Secret Facebook Experiment Linked to Pentagon

Facebook's controversial "emotional study"subjected 700,000 unwitting users to a psychological conditioning experiment that has direct ties to research funded by the Department of Defense concerning the likelihood of civil unrest.

Big Brother: Smart Street Lights

A "seamless grid" of smart lights networked with surveillance cameras tracking an individual's "every move" while also utilizing license plate recognition technology to store data about vehicles.

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