8 Jun 2014

COMMON LAW ... Eric Williams post : Some New York Common Law Grand Jury Facts that are being hidden

 Citizenship is not actually the issue, 
the actual issue is any manner of servitude 
or subservience that serves to surrender 
an individual’s naturally birth acquired Sovereignty.

I also think what I suggest here could be helpful as a blueprint in many, many other situations.

We are aware that Unity consciousness is kicking in, and that this will be the way of the future. The posting of Eric Williams’ comment called Some New York Common Law Grand Jury Facts that are being hidden made me think we should perhaps step back and try to see what might be happening in this conflict so we can make better choices as we respond to his thoughts and ideas.

If we make a mistake here, Eric suggests that the people who have stepped to the line in this effort could suffer seriously because of a mistake made in the filing of this case.

To begin with, I sense most people who are interested in the Common Law court system are in a sense taking a cram course in how it works. Many likley do not have legal backgrounds, and most are giving it their all, because they realize its importance. In such a situation it seems to me it is almost impossible not to make mistakes. Isn’t it time we throw away the idea that we cannot admit that we make mistakes?

If we act together in Unity, although we may have a leader, we all assume responsibility for the outcome.




An individual’s naturally birth acquired Sovereignty
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“Standing” has to do with presenting yourself to the court in a way that the court can (must) recognize your authority to present yourself in the “office” you are claiming to hold. On the other hand, in any manner of prosecution, civil or criminal, the opposition must present evidence that it has standing, authority, to hold you accountable to its or the court’s authority. “Standing” has to do with “jurisdiction”. In many of “our” interactions with government this “jurisdiction”, is properly characterized as “political jurisdiction”.

What Eric says is logical, simple in concept, easily understood, and very important. This is often the way with good ideas. He knows from his own experience in court about that of which he speaks, and he has worked long and hard to make this lengthy explanation readable.

For those of us interested in a peaceful resolution to our problems with the present corrupt court system via Common Law,

I think this is absolutely a MUST READ.


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