23 Jun 2014

Lada Ray: Distorted Reality : Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out June 22 2014


Below is a very educational exchange. As you will see, the view-point of the commenter is a typical Western brainwashed style, with added traumatic personal experience of her ancestors, which she still holds dear to her heart and upon which she bases all her present attitudes and opinions. If you see me being pretty straight with her, this is for the benefit of the readers. A surgeon has to cut through tumor in order to expose and remove it, especially if cancer spread too deeply.

These were posted initially in comments to: The Real Truth About USSR: Golodomor and Collectivization in Ukraine. It is obvious, this commenter can’t accept my story about Russia, Ukraine and collectivization, although the whole thing goes much, much further. It becomes a debate about the present day Ukraine and its role, the West, Russia, geopolitics, and the distorted reality. If you haven’t read this controversial article (also check out other comments), it is certainly advisable as this will give a better understanding of the facts.

Now, to the point!


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