1 Jun 2014

Rolling Stones ... don't end up on the wrong side of history ... says David Icke

You'd think Mick Jagger would have had second thoughts about acting as a Rothschild stooge after his longterm girlfriend's recent untimely death. Supposedly committing suicide over money problems, she was dressing up Illuminati assets like Madonna, and clearly knew the script she was meant to adhere to. 

Dressed in Satanic black.   Jagger and L Wren.

Was she starting to break free, and see the injustice of a world controlled by a secret cabal hiding in the shadows? If that is so, she's ahead of her lover Mick Jagger, who is possibly going to hand the genocidal cabal a propaganda coup by playing a concert in Israel? (At least I assume that's what Icke means). Was L Wren trying to persuade him not to do it?


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