30 Jun 2014


In this video Luke Rudkowski visits Mark McGowan the Artist Taxi Driver in London England. Mark McGowan is a street artist, performance artist and prominent public protester who has gone by the artist name Chunky Mark and more recently The Artist Taxi Driver. In this video the two go on a rant about the current social, political and economic circumstances in the world.


There are alternative sources of energy. the reason were not using it is because those same corporations wont make it available to us. this way is more convenient and profitable for the corps. their agenda is to do that exact thing - blame it on the people (through antropogenic global warming). as if WE the consumers were the ones ruining the planet and not THEM the profiteers who take the resources out of the earth and destroy it in the process. yes, we are the ones who need energy, but they are the ones who ruin the environment NOT TO DELIVER IT TO US, BUT TO MAKE MONEY OF IT. the main purpose of corps is to MAKE MONEY, not GIVE ENERGY TO PEOPLE Otherwise we would be using water wind sun powered energy more often than coal and gas.

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