12 Jun 2014

EUGENICS : Bring Lakota Children Home – Hearts On The Ground

Hearts On the Ground: Please sign our petition at www.LakotaLaw.org/action

Hearts on the Ground: South Dakota’s Forced Taking of Lakota Children, is a project of The Lakota People’s Law Project.

Firstly it’s soft genocide , taking a child away from it’s roots , history, breaks those ties , without something to look back on there can be no future to build on .

These children then become neither of one world or another , they literally become rootless and cannot pass on any knowledge of worth to their children .

Their unique culture becomes diluted and eventually lost forever.

Just follow the money , these kids are cash cows funding a system that is deeply corrupt .

They will eventually (hopefully ) in the eyes of this system then fund the corporate prison system .

If you are poor , young , are an ethnic minority i.e. not socially acceptable to our corporate gangsters known as government , your children are at risk .

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