28 Jun 2014

The Reason David Icke Is An Important Voice

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David Icke many years ago had a Spiritual awakening which to those 500 million of us in the western world sounds a bit wacky, but to the other 6.5 Billion people on the planet is considered a very normal experience that follows with a great responsibility.

An awakening is the beginning of bioenergetic process that leads to an end goal termed supraconsciousness – the merging of the conscious mind with the sub-conscious mind & therefore becoming aware of your subconscious.  It is usually a very painful experience that has many symptoms, most of which are hellish, but there are some very pleasant symptoms also.  Once the process has finished, you are left in a state of complete contentment as the egoic mind has been almost completely dismantled.

So what does this mean?  What is the egoic mind?  When we are born, we are pure awareness, but then the conditioning begins.  We are given an identity (name), we are told what is right & what is wrong, we are taught subjects at school, take on other peoples character traits so we can try to fit in with the societal norm, we watch the news, we are taught authority,  etc.  All of this becomes your identity, your ego & we believe every bit of it to be true.  It’s basically a mass psychosis.

So what would happen if all this dissolves and all those compartments in our minds are no longer there?  The simple answer is we become pure awareness again, just as we were born to be before our conditioning began.  We become more child like by making the most of every moment.  We stop worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, the what if’s disappear and our minds become very quiet indeed.  Monks spend decades meditating to try to achieve this state of being but for the very few lucky ones, it happens naturally.  Once you achieve this state of being you begin to notice everything around you ‘in the now’, all the beauty that you never noticed before, but you also notice all the bad stuff and it doesn’t take long for you to come to the conclusion that something is seriously wrong in the world and once you reach this point, you will want answers to questions that have never come up before, you can’t help it, & believe me, there are a million and one questions and each one of those questions leads to more questions.

David spent decades asking these questions & devoted his whole life to sharing his findings with the world.   Over the years, his followers have increased exponentially & this is not because he claims to be any kind of Messiah like some people would have you believe, but because these followers have also come to their own conclusions that something is seriously wrong with the world and are looking for answers.

Love him or hate him, David is in no way trying to force his beliefs on other people, just simply wanting to share his findings with the sole intention of getting more people to ask more questions.  Truth is all that matters & it’s always up to ourselves to decide what is true.  Neon Nettle supports David Icke & what he stands for as Neon Nettle also has the same goal – to bring awareness to our readers, create free and open debate, and create a platform for our contributors to voice their opinions without fear of being judged.

Question everything and come to your own conclusions.


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