24 Nov 2013

Corporate environmental slaughter : NATIONAL TRUSTS AND LANDGRABS - Prince Philip and his WWF genocide



 Here is a nice picture of himself and his wife posing 
with the tiger he killed whilst on a visit to 
India in 1961 (the year the WWF was founded).

 The Corporate environmental slaughter


The environmental network is just part of the web through which Prince Philip and his WWF genocide operations can work.

The idea is tp convert the African continent into a bloodbath that destroys all coherent society and justify the imposition of rule by “keepers of the peace” of NATO and the United Nations. The environment is being used as a justification to steal more and more land and the debt crisis is being “solved” by the banks of the Brotherhood offering to forgive the “debt” in exchange for the rights to mineral resources - forever 

Covert operations Windsor-Black Nobility create groups “terrorists” and “freedom fighters” then light the fuse and watch hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, be slaughtered. Can they trust their media moguls like Black, Murdoch, Turner and Packer to sell a smokescreen story to the public through “journalists” who mostly have not a clue what is happening.

The game reserves and national parks already account for more than eight percent of the land in sub-Saharan Africa and Tanzania is 40%. Under some of these lands are fantastic reserves of mineral resources and in some cases untapped reserves of uranium. The “parks” are often in strategic areas across borders and those who manage them can keep out anyone they choose. Who manages them?. Agencies like Prince Philip’s WWF and other Brotherhood organizations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Development Programme and the UN.

The WWF is able to kill anyone who wanted whenever it wanted in the reserves. In Operation Lock, the WWF deployed an elite team of SAS men to ‘neutralize’ the cartels smuggling wildlife and “products” of flora and fauna. It turned out that these SAS guys had engaged in the illegal sale of ivory and rhino horn. The people on the ground in Africa have long known that the main murderers of flora and fauna in the parks are those, often employed by the WWF, which are supposed to protect them.

Understand one thing right here. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was not created to save endangered species. His record on that front is very atrocious as revealed a suppressed report of the Oxford professor John Phillipson in 1989. A few months before Philip launched the WWF, was with the Queen on a royal tour of India. This included a tiger hunt in which a tiger was lured to reach by tethered goats to be shot dead by Philip the “conservationist”.


This later caused worldwide outrage when the story and a photograph of Philip standing over the tiger found its way into the newspapers. On the same trip, this time in Kathmandu, Philip was in a party game (safari) with Alec Douglas Hume (Lord Home), the Conservative Prime Minister, Bilderberg Group chairman and bloodline of the Scottish Brotherhood families.
Ian MacPhail, the first international appeals director of WWF, told a British television crew entered the scope how a mother elephant and her calf. Philip killed the mother and her calf ran off in terror. MacPhail said he helped cover up the incident because the WWF was about to be released and believed that the Fund would benefit environmental protection of flora and fauna.
He then thought differently:
“… With a heavy heart I have to report that I was wrong. The rhino, elephant and panda missed the boat, and the new Noah’s Ark sailed without them.”

 Photo: Please keep signing and sharing https://www.causes.com/campaigns/40722-boycott-travel-tourism-to-south-africa.  With all the buzz around Melissa Bachmann and her excuse it's legal to kill a lion, we have to put pressure on the law-makers to stop this horror.

It has always puzzled the public to see the contradiction between Philip, the founder and driving force behind the WWF, and Philip the murderer of animals and birds for the sheer enjoyment of it. The same with WWF ‘green’ Prince Charles riding with the hounds to tear a fox to pieces. But there is no contradiction, that’s the point.

wills kills

Philip, like Bernard, does not give a penny for the welfare of animals. The WWF was created for very different reasons. It is a vehicle for controlling wildlife parks in Africa and elsewhere in which terrorist groups and mercenaries can gather, train, and cross borders to bring genocide to places like Rwanda and Burundi. The WWF coordinates and funds the systematic slaughter of people and animals and made a fortune from illegal trade in ivory that was supposed to be trying to stop.

Much of this is being paid for by donations from the public who think that they are supporting wildlife and collected by fund-raisers in the towns and cities that believe the same. The best contribution you can make to the protection of flora and fauna is to stop funding the WWF in my opinion. Sir Peter Scott, the famous environmentalist, was another founder of the WWF and in 1972 commissioned a report to a big game hunter, Ian Parker, illegal trade in elephant tusks and rhino horn.

Parker presented evidence that the family of the president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, was at the center of this trade. Also named the “environmentalists” most illustrious of Kenya as poachers. Within hours of passing his report to Scott, Parker was arrested by Kenyan Special Branch, beaten for three days, and was told that if he did not shut his wife would be killed. Parker’s report was never published by Scott and about the same time Prince Bernhard, as WWF International President, awarded Kenyatta the ‘Order of the Golden Ark “to save the rhino!.


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