7 Nov 2013


David Icke
Whenever you highlight the outrageous affront to an alleged ‘free society’ of having a head of state decided by family bloodline and genetic inheritance many apologists reply that the British royal family is purely symbolic, has no real power and is good for attracting overseas tourists to Britain.

The idea that you can justify the imposition of a single inter-generational family bloodline at the pinnacle of the (official) Establishment hierarchy on the basis that the country will sell more ice creams, souvenirs and museum tickets is absurd in itself; but it also a myth beyond words that the monarchy no longer has power.
This is what The System wants you to believe to avoid a serious challenge to its goings on. We don’t even have a national anthem in Britain, sung by the masses at state occasions and sporting events, but an anthem of worship to the monarch:

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen

One verse, no longer sung, even talks of crushing the ‘rebellious Scots’ and this is a great example of tinkering with wording and image to keep the old guard and bloodlines in power while giving the impression of ‘a modern democracy’.

The anthem manipulates the population to demand their own subjection with the call that the Queen should be ‘long to reign over us’ – reign = ‘the period of time during which someone is in charge of a group or organisation’ – and the monarch reigns over ‘subjects’ – ‘one who is under the rule of another or others’.

‘Please control us and dictate our lives, God save the Queen.’

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