12 Nov 2013

Former SAS Ben Griffin: We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country

‘Ben Griffin opens by saying that fighting for Queen and Country is just a piece of propaganda dreamt up by the false religion of Patriotism. He says those who will never actually fight hold this notion dearly. Having been in the SAS he tells of his experiences of what pain and suffering war inflicts on the innocent and how any military group will not fight for Queen and Country but will fight when they are told because they are trained for warfare.’

Former wren hands Sir Nick Harvey 

expenses envelope at Remembrance Parade


‘A video showing an ex-Royal Navy engineer presenting North Devon MP Sir Nick Harvey with an envelope of ‘expenses’ on Remembrance Sunday has gone viral.

Fiona Laing, from Barnstaple, strode up to Mr Harvey on Sunday following the town’s Remembrance Day parade and handed him the envelop containing £7.20.

The gesture, sealed in a Royal British Legion card, came after it was announced last May Mr Harvey claimed £7.20 to attend Remembrance services in his constituency.

Ms Laing said she felt it was ‘an insult to those who had died’ for Mr Harvey to claim for the petrol, and that he should have ‘attended out of moral duty, not financial’.’

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