9 Nov 2013

Mossad’s war on peace intensifies: Duff

Over 80 years ago, the most famous and respected United States Marine, General Smedley Butler, declared all war to be a “racket.” He declared himself a “Gangster for Wall Street.” Nothing has changed, something that should be obvious to all who view the situation today.

Peace is threatening to “break out,” peace, tempered with redress of wrongs and even possibly “justice.” The racketeers and then “enforcers” are fighting full time to keep war, poverty, pestilence and death going.

In recent weeks and more recently, the last few days, a flurry of news stories, the poisoning of Arafat, US spying, some stories many years old, have been pushed to the forefront and threaten not just a Palestinian settlement but also the lifting of sanctions on Iran and the current rational moves toward removing WMDs from Syria.

War is a business and, as they say, “business is good.”

The two current threats are tied to strategic realignments enacted by the Obama security team during his second term.

Obama has decided to risk downsizing the American military and, painful to the racketeers, that can’t be done without cutting loose the current regime running Israel, the Likudists, tied to world organized crime.

Some are simply so hate-filled and blinded that when a government acts independently of Israeli control, even when it is violently attacked by Wall Street and the Israeli lobby at home, when its moves are exactly what millions around the world have waited and prayed for, it is attacked.

Perhaps it is rabid cynicism. Perhaps it is blindness. Perhaps it is something else, something sinister.

Much of the world’s press, now including the “paid blogosphere,” is part of the Israeli/Mossad effort to keep the business of war going.Thus, derailing any movement toward stability is key and it is done through use of advanced game or “chaos theory,” with Nobel Prize winning theorists that dot the landscape of Israel available and employed.

What should first be noticed is the swing by news agencies that are normally cheerleaders for the American government from support to continual criticism and even wild conspiracy theories. Leading this effort is, of course, the Murdoch empire, now gutted for spying and blackmail in Britain but strong as always in the United States.

However, the new leader is CNN. Their game is a simple one. Whenever the Obama administration moves against the Likudists, supporting lowering of sanctions in Israel, criticizing illegal settlements on Palestinian land or trying to block a settlement of the longstanding Wall Street war on Syria, invisible sources supported by long defunct politicians come out of the woodwork.

CNN continually bases stories fabricating secret and utterly bogus US policies based on invented sources. Only two days ago, CNN ran such a story attacking the Obama administrations cooperation with Russia over the question of Syrian chemical weapon usage. Not only did CNN quote former Vice President Dick Cheney, someone anyone knows is an enemy of the current government and its policies, they “ran home to mama” with another of their secret sources.

In every case, week after week, CNN has been wrong when using such sources and they use them continually. Bloggers, unaware or for reasons unknown, are drawn into parroting these psyops, some unable to understand the simplicity of what is going on, that these attacks are now being time to undermine new American policies that should be supported after decades of war crimes and insanity.

One simple story makes such things inexcusable. Those who know anything of American politics know the Tea Party is funded by the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers lead AIPAC and are at the center of the Israeli lobby.

The Tea Party is a failed invention of the Israel lobby, one of their mistakes, evidence of the hubris of Netanyahu and his “Mossaniks” who wrongly estimated that the American people would never tire of Islamophobia, continual war, cheap propaganda and blatant financial crimes.

However, many “anti-imperialists” now align behind Wall Street, the Koch Brothers, AIPAC and the Mossad because they simply don’t know how to stop attacking a government even when that government does something right.

They have become like attack dogs that turn on their own masters.

In many cases, part of a highly organized psychological warfare operation, the conspiracy radio hosts, some now extremely powerful, have proven themselves not only aligned with Israeli policy but growing rich in doing so.

Where the mistakes are made is in failure, not just to “connect dots” but to understand the long-term political divides in America and to buy in on “both parties are the same” rhetoric, which is at the heart of the Israeli psyop.

Israel has lost control of even the “Jewish lobby” in the US. It is possible that Florida Jewish congressional representative Alan Grayson may now be a viable presidential candidate. Reviled by many because of his religion, Grayson is, perhaps, the most important voice against American imperialism in decades.

Few have heard of him. Why do you think that is? The most obvious of the efforts to derail.

One obvious problem today is the recent report out of Switzerland stating that there is a remote possibility that Yasser Arafat may possibly have been poisoned with polonium, a radioactive substance.

The Swiss report, filled with halfhearted uncertainty, is clearly timed to act as an excuse to end Palestinian talks. The United States has come down clearly against Israeli settlements in Palestine, declaring them illegal in language seldom heard from Washington.

The Swiss story only parrots findings from British scientists and, in fact, is not only watered down but curious in ways as well. It is obviously timed to be used to break down talks and is of no real use at all.

Everyone knows and has always known Arafat was poisoned.

What is most curious is that Israel most likely had nothing to do with it. Israel steals land--it has also used weapons of mass destruction against Gaza and even Syria.

There are uncountable crimes you could go after Israel for but this isn’t one of them.

Israel was, in 2004, “flying high” using Arafat as a “branded terrorist,” drawing endless airtime in the west and billions in aid. Arafat was seen as a greater threat than bin Laden, even greater than Hitler to some, and was the justification for billions in military aid to Israel.

When Arafat died, many believe at the hands of political rivals, it was a blow to Tel Aviv.

Over the past couple of years it has become obvious that nothing from that period or this is what it seems to be. Recent stories in the American press now cite Saudi Arabia as having approached Pakistan to purchase nuclear weapons, not to be a force on their own but to act as a shield for Israel.

An Egyptian government was overthrown for acting as an Israeli puppet, while the world had cried for decades concerned that that same government was going to “push the Jews into the sea.”

The new government in Egypt, one now appearing to be counter-revolutionary, is curiously similar in backing to the one that had been removed in what was a glorious revolution.

More telling is the set of curious alignments in Syria. Israel is attacking the Obama administration for its efforts to seek a peaceful resolution. They want a full-scale war, as usual, fought by Americans, paid for by Americans and have shown themselves dedicated to starting it.

Aiding them in this is the American media, not just CNN and their endless imaginary sources but armies of “anti-Zionist” or “anti-imperialist” bloggers and radio hosts, some, just perhaps, not what they seem. Others are fools.

The real story to watch is Iran, whether sanctions will be lifted and who comes out attacking the US government when it is trying to redress a massive evil against people who suffered greatly due to CIA plotting and years of American-backed dictatorship.

No American apologies have been made, not to the degree deserved but cautious redress is under way.

Why would an American government seem so terrified to do what is not only right and just but good for the United States as well?

We expect Israel to continue to push for war, war is a business and the extremist government of Israel is aligned with war profiteers more than any other.

It is shameful that any time an American actually tries to support his own country, he/she quakes in fear of Israeli smears, some from the mainstream media but now also, the internet as well, from the stated “enemies of Israel.”

The US government has hardly earned blind support. Conversely, those who continually attack the American government, particularly when signs of enlightened policies are easy to see, do not deserve blind support as well.

After 9/11, the media tells us at least, President Bush, seen by many as a figure representing the basest instincts of humanity, had a 93% approval rating.

How many of that “93%” are now “repackaged” as “anti-imperialist” or “anti-Zionist?”

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More Press TV articles by Gordon Duff

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