4 Nov 2013

Jimmy Savile on Her Majesty’s Not So Secret Service

Conspiracy Theories Exist As Long As Mainstream Investigative Journalism Remains Impotent and Dead

People often wonder where the so called 'Conspiracy Theories' - which are so common place within our culture today - originate from? Why do they exists at all, and why are there so many of them in the present Internet age of information and non-stop voyeurism? We have more police, criminal investigation technology, law enforcement agencies, courts, juries, lawyers, mass media and other intrusions into every aspect of our lives, and seemingly, also into every single hall of power, that a grand conspiracy - would on the surface - be considered by most people to be nearly impossible to hide in the modern age. This 'too big to conceal' is the usual mantra invoked by the vanguards of the status quo when concerns are expressed that not all is as it seems and evidence suggest there might be a lot more going on than we are informed about.

From Facebook to Twitter and thousands of web forums and message boards in between, from Blogs to Vlogs it seems that Conspiracy Theory is now everywhere. We are saturated in tales of clandestine going-ons within the halls of power and among the global elite. From big business to the mainstream religion and among every facet of the power structure in between it seems none of them are safe from the scrutiny of the virtual sleuth. Conspiracy Theories are, is in many ways, the defining counterculture movement of the digital age.

The electromagnetic spectrum and fiber-optic networks are pulsating with the emerging modern Mythos that the American mythologist Joseph Campbell predicted would be eventually required to generate a new mythology to compensate for our rapid technological progress outpacing our cultural evolution. However, it should be also noted that the true meaning of the term 'myth' is not an indication of a lie, nor a flight of fancy falsehood. In the truest sense, a myth is an underlying truism about human nature - which is unseen on the surface – but is no less rooted in fact, or the facts of our everyday earthly existence.

The term 'Conspiracy Theorist' is also used a kind of slur to imply the individual on the receiving end of this quip is almost certainly an uneducated, deluded and down-right insane borderline simpleton incapable of the 'rationality' and 'reason' which these invocations themselves are another type of modern mythos to play the role of royal adversary to the conspiracies of serfdom. Yet with all the never-ending attempts to stigmatises others by referring to them as 'Conspiracy Theorist”, “Conspiracy Nutter” or “Bat-Shit Crazy Whack Job” - countless millions of people – from all walks of life, social status, age groups, races and every possible social demographic one can imagine are perfectly content to spend their days investigating, anything, embracing and candidly sharing their Conspiracy Theories. Because for no other reason than Conspiracy Theories allow people to come to grips with the social insanity they witness around them. Conspiracy Theories exists because they are all we have left in some cases where the 'reason' and 'rationality' of our authority figures and structure vanished in the face of objective observation.

Individuals such as former superstar BBC presenter and disc jockey Jimmy Savile are the reason why Conspiracy Theories exist. Add to this the self-glorifying voice of reason such as the British Broadcasting Company who fill their programs with men and women of reason who condescendingly inform us that Conspiracy Theory is the domain of the foolish. These pontifications ironically are emanating from the same organisation which sheltered and protected Jimmy Savile for over four decades. People are not that blind to the obvious hypocrisy glimmering from their TV screens. In the movie the Outlaw Josie Wales, the main character played by Clint Eastwood announces. “Don't piss down my back and tell me its raining.” Organisations such as the BBC emptied their bladders a long time ago and we no longer required to keep our umbrellas handy.

People should no longer have faith in the evening news on TV, nor the unwritten agreement among newspaper editors that they all row in different boats towards the same 'consensus' shoreline. Media companies and outlets are losing vast numbers of readers and viewers in their millions each year, as ordinary men and women are turning their backs on the 'news' being fully aware that it laded with shoddy reporting, distractions, cohesive propaganda and distortions. That mainstream journalism today (and perhaps always has) seeks to hide certain facts while inventing others. That there is little or no difference between what the news anchor reads from the TV teleprompter, and the government, corporate or university press release from which the uncritical and unquestioning reporter or anchorman regurgitates unconditionally.

Thankfully we now live in an age where we can surf the Internet and witness newspapers all over the world printing the same stories with the same editorial 'swing', and observe endless videos of manicured television 'news readers' mouthing the same script from the teleprompter. Very often, the headline above a newspaper story bears no relation at all to the actual content written in the column inches below. However, more than anything else – through access to countless alternative news outlets – people have developed an kind of 'Internet intelligence'. The collective consciousness of the alternative media - which is perhaps the main source of information for people these days - is where the conspiracies take hold.

Now and again, these conspiracies turn out to be based on real fact and are used to uphold emerging or new conspiracy theories as they develop. Along with this, incredible efforts are used by government agencies and intelligence services to muddy the waters and poison he well of these emerging mythos spooling out of the collective consciousness by means of funding flying saucer death cults to create alternative 'news' stories in order to discredit the story, and in recent times, paying professional 'shills' to attack, spread malicious rumours and attempt to shoot the messenger so the emerging Conspiracy Theory dies off before even the most microscopic fragment of truth which might be contain within it are disseminated to the general public. If there is indeed a Battle of Armageddon, it is taking place right now in the field of human conscience and currently the Internet is were the main salvos are being fired by both belligerents.

With this growth in Conspiracy Theory, a chasm has ripped across society. Many people, even with overwhelming evidence from 'sex-ed up' evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) being used to implement the illegal invasion of Iraq by the Bush and Blair criminal oil cartel, and on to the admissible revelation surrounding Jimmy Savile's lifestyle of industrial-level paedophilia and necrophilia, still believe that they can trust authority completely, and believe everything that their 'most trusted' news anchorman or woman tells them is reality.

Some, many in fact, still chose to partake in a kind of societal Stockholm Syndrome whereby no matter how ridiculous or blatantly absurd the so called news story presented to them appears, they chose to accept it as the infallible voice of authority. Our state education system play a huge part in the general public's willing subservience to the voices from above.

However, now and again, a news story breaks which impacts upon the consciousness of the masses that not even the most ardent wall of self-realised Cognitive Dissonance can no longer keep out. The Jimmy Savile horror show was and will always will remain one such story. If you want to know why Conspiracy Theory not only exist, but can't and probably never will be silenced by the men and women of 'reason'...two words: Jimmy Savile.

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) – owned and in the service of the British Royal Family and to a lesser extent the entire British establishment – knew that their superstar presenter and disc jockey Jimmy Savile was a not only a serial killer of young women during most of his adult life, but he had worked in collusion with his 'friend' Peter Suthcliffs (misleadingly referred to as the Yorkshire Ripper) to run a horrific killing of spree of young women along what I have termed the 6-6-6 Corridor between Manchester and Leeds in the north of England during the 1970's and 80's. Further to this Savile continued on killing young women into the 1990's and reported on the details of these to Peter Suthcliffe while he visited him on regular excursions at the Broadmore Psychiatric Facility.

On top of this, evidence exists that the upper echelon of British society were more than fully aware of the full extent of Savile's crimes, but chose to either ignore, distract and cover for some of the most heinous crimes of the 20th Century. That the TV presenter Jill Dando was murdered for getting too close to the truth of this case and how squads of professional 'fix it' cops were employed by the British Establishment to keep Savile safe from being arrested and charged with being a serial killer. That the mainstream media hysteria surrounding 'Savile the Pedophile' is in of itself a distraction to prevent the public from knowing that a cigar-chomping, paedophile, psychopathic serial killer had carte blanch to murder at will and then received a knighthood for his 'services' to the Crown.



'Cover-up' over VIPs 

who abuse children in care

‘The whistleblower said he was warned by his superiors not to investigate suspected paedophiles, including a senior politician and a judge.

He said the justice system was “corrupt” and “rotten to the core” and told how vulnerable boys and girls as young as nine were plied with heroin and raped by rich and powerful men.

Agreeing to speak anonymously, the police insider warned: “There is a massive cover-up going on and those who are abusing children are being protected by the powers that be.’

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