12 Nov 2013

Fukushima nuclear disaster according to David Icke

David Icke blames Mossad and United States
 for Fukushima disaster and Haiti earthquake.

The deliberate exposure of humanity to radiation
Fukushima was a nuclear detonation.  The cameras installed in Fukishima in the last few months prior to the blast weighed 1000 lbs.  and were the same size as small nuclear devices.  Fukishima was blown up on purpose.

Who installed these devices?  An Israeli company from Dimona, the location of the massive Israeli nuclear industry.  That means Mossad.  Fukishima was blown up on purpose.

HAARP fires powerful radio waves into the upper atmosphere, the ionosphere.  This then entrains the wave and fires the wave back to earth, at a particular location, at a particular resonance.  This can be designed to cause earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons.  It was agreed that this technology would never be used in war.

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