12 Nov 2013

Philippines Gold : Karen Hudes responds : Typhoons USED in Futile attempt to recover the WW2 gold

Lets stick to the facts first and Foremost :

Here we shall cover basic History which is unknown in the Philippines let alone the rest of the world:

As always in these gold coins The Vatican and The Pontiff have everything to do with the poverty in the Philippines strangling the place for every last cent: Corrupting the Nation with false spiritual promises as the most evil empire on the planet only knows too well how to perform>

This Philippines Gold ( or to be politically correct Yamashita’s Gold) was meant for all Philippino’s in Ferdinand Marcos rule which was buried under ground since World War 2 will not be getting stolen again.

I have it from good source that it is firmly in safe hands and part of the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET:

With BRICS nation and its 188 country Allies:

B.R.I.C.S. = Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa plus 188 nations will be sharing out the Worlds total gold supply any time soon

Pillaged in the World Wars by the Rothschilds for the Vatican and Jesuit Rulers:

SEE KAREN HUDES mail return personal note to me on the subject below : A Stunning short compelling response to this subject:

But first some official Documents signed By the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and Ronald Reagan:

look at the date and look at the date of the Vatican coins above:

The spate of recent man-made Hurricanes is yet again a desperate attempt to steal the gold but it will not work and here is how:

The Philippines officials ( the decent white hatted ones) have been on the case for some years : here is the document :


A special Thanks to American Kabuki and Elsebeth Hastrup for painstakingly making good common sense for the purpose of this article:

’This is severe warning against all crooks and standing attention for innocent victims who are still expecting something to ASBLP Group as this posted file will be posted also to Interpol and Philippine National Police.’

Here is the link to the Original :


These documents make that clear that under any circumstances that the right body shall have no gold markings or any chip under the skin ; SIGNED BY RONALD REAGAN AND QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd: JUST LOOK AT THE DOC:


The second was the original document:

This will give you an idea how the CABAL do business, illegally of course :


Desperate latest attempts to claim this gold most of it still buried underground in the Philippines in such a way that in World War 2,

The Japanese when burying it BLEW UP AND KILLED THE WORKERS AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE TUNNELS , in order to hide it from any gold and treasure seekers:

This unfortunate act was carried out in order for the gold never to be discovered as The Japanese knew that the CABAL we going in for the Kill in Japan after the World War 2 :

This has been slowly over the years unearthed in the Philippines by locals who sat on the gold and many rare artifacts they found time and time again : Only now the truth is finally coming out:

This means that they knew that The Royalty and Rothschilds of Europe and UK were going to Pillage their country in one way shape or form:

And that is exactly what happened in a covert manner:

The Reason for advancements in Poverty in the Philippines is because this gold was being entrusted to Ferdinand Marco which was to be distributed to the people of the Philippines : The cabal had other ideas and to this day it has never made it to the rightful owners :

The deprived place Mindanao to the South has been ravaged by fake Muslim wars and debauchery on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world, this is dressed up as war when in fact it is a continuous search ( more like a corporate scramble) for gold and treasures from WW2.

Now for some really cool news:

Freedom from slavery for the entire Philippines as a nation hangs by a thread as efforts to bastardize this gold are on going but will now not bare fruit:

The global collateral accounts have designated most of the gold (Both still Hidden and the masses that have been found) to a centralized global reset currency and awaits release which is now years over due :

Very soon the world will be freed and the global collateral accounts will be released to the people of the Philippines and to all other allied nations.

188 nations in total are now with the B.R.I.C.S. Nations bringing the onset of a a new global Gold backed currency which will release many millions and billions of Dollars to EVERY SINGLE EARTHLING and citizen >

I cannot wait to see their faces in the Philippines when you tell any one person they are each and every one have access and rights to an unearthly value of $500 billion dollars EACH:

Unfortunatly there is more hard devious work ahead before freedom from slavery can be declared :

There were several incidents last year where the US Navy were sent packing from the shores of The Philippines by the Chinese Navy having landed illegally in search for the gold in the Mountains following a strange volley of typhoons ( sounds familiar?)

DutchSinse first alerted us to the weather being man made and just yesterday alerted us once more that More RADAR Anomolies and Microwaves were sent in to create more typhoon to the stricken Philippines Islands exactly in the same location where the Biggest ever recorded Typhoon hit just this week> SEEN HERE :


This reminded me of the year previously when they sent 3 Typhoons in within one week and ships came in one the back of the Typhoons on HUMANITARIAN REASONS :

Well we all know what that means : and Here is a report of that incident last April :



I wrote with my concerns above to Karen Hudes Who is an Ex World Bank lawyer and whistleblower who is at lengths to assist in Transparent negotiations of the release of Global Collateral Accounts, demonstrating my concerns that these evil thugs were making way with War and weather weapons in a search for this gold just as they did last year. I was especially concerned that the Swiss banksters would not send the in Fake SWISS Spy organization the Red Cross on faut humanitarian aid purposes that we have become all to conscious of lately:

Here is Karen’ Hudes polite and knowledgeable reply:

Dear Dave,

Thanks for your email. It is time to stop this destruction, we have had more than enough.
I agree that the time of the banksters is up.

Do not worry about the gold that is buried in the Philippines.
The world is not going to let it be stolen again.

In Light
The Victory of Light is So near now:
You can almost smell it:
Dave Stewart



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