7 Nov 2013

‘The People’s Voice’ YouTube Channel and Moderators Are Up ... DAVID ICKE

This is so exciting!  Check out the brand spanking new ‘The People’s Voice’ at this link for a taste of some of whom will be sharing TRUTH with the World, thanks to the donations of thousands of regular people across the globe.

The People’s Voice TV will bring us news, inspiration and FACTS  that the corporate media presstitutes won’t touch or try to hide.

November 18th The People’s Voice goes LIVE—making history!

The People will no longer be controlled by establishment lies, corruption and coverups. We demand truth and transparency.

 David Icke, Exposing The Dreamworld

Thank you to David Icke for spearheading this monumental,
revolutionary concept and making it a 5D reality,
and thank you to everyone who contributed or has yet to, in any way. 

You rock!

The first broadcast from The People’s Voice studio will be an introduction to the station ahead of our launch date to introduce our presenters and production team with a long list of guests including Cynthia McKinney, Norman Finkelstein, Peter Tatchell, Jim Marrs, Gerald Celente, Richard C. Hoagland, Vandana Shiva, Lauren Moret and Leah Bolger and there’s more to follow.

Sunday, November 10th, 5pm to 10pm UK time; 12 noon to 5pm US East Coast time; 9am to 2pm US West Coast time.

The streaming address will be Davidicke.com/TPV

Please circulate far and wide – this is the link to send:

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