17 Mar 2014

ADDRESSING MORE CONCERNS ABOUT SWISSINDO : About Their Claims To The Global Currency Reset

Changing the world is no easy task! Not only have people been programmed in and by the matrix itself, most have not yet developed the ability to think outside the box of familiar definitions. For example, we think the United Nations and New World Order are evil, especially those in the "truth movement" and conspiracy network. Yet, in truth, nations have never been united and there is absolutely nothing new about the world order envisioned by the elite establishment. It is simply a continuation of a control system with better tools to tighten the screws. What if we really could find a way to unite the nations of the world in peace? What if we were actually able to co-create a "new" world order, based not on control by rulers, but based on love by leaders who wanted everyone to prosper and succeed in life? The latter is the goal of most, if not all the SwissIndo delegates.

Rebuttal Video To The Recent Swissindo Postings

About Their Claims To The Global Currency Reset

 This video is a rebuttal video to Swissindo press release about releasing a new global financial system. Read more about Swissindo press release here.... http://nova-gaia.com/turning-point-for-humanity/ 


Let be begin straight away by saying that I am as confused about the subject of the collateral accounts and world trusts as many of you might be. I wish I knew the whole truth and nothing but the truth; yet that's simply not my reality - or anyone else's, I suspect. I knew there were several world trusts in existence; but until I heard MelVe's recent interview, I hadn't though much about there being more than one collateral account. That's why I tended to dismiss those like Karen Hudes who claimed anyone other than Mr. Sugih was the lawful signatory on the only collateral account I knew about. Perhaps the lawful "trustee" for each account is different; and the lawful signatory would have to be the trustee on that account or trust. Perhaps this Wolfgang guy Karen talks about and Adnan Saki that others mention are also lawful signers of other collateral accounts.




 I already have people asking me how they can get funding for worthwhile projects; and others are in dire economic straights, needing money now. I hear you. These things are on my mind every day and night, especially when I'm wanting to sleep. The truth is: the task of distribution is, like the entire project, enormous. A network of distribution has to be set up with people on the ground; and it has to prevent the old establishment from diverting the funds into control and military projects that will subvert the intent of Mr Sugih and the delegates who want to co-create that new world that works for everyone I mention so often. Some have said that Obama will meet with Mr. Sugih next weekend around the Spring Equinox. Others have also suggested that Obama will be announcing NESARA soon. These sources are not related that I know of; but it is interesting. How this whole thing will play out remains to be seen. I certainly hope distribution can begin fairly quickly and will be well underway by the next big SwissIndo meeting in early June. That one is supposed to be covered by worldwide media.

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