24 Mar 2014

"Mother Hen" Government Has To Go


Alex continues with special guest Mark Dice regarding the continued labeling of the public in america, the attempt to ban individual thought including words like "bossy" and the efforts of the government to regulate life and freedom like an over-bearing mother hen.



Protester Crashes Live BBC Broadcast to Warn of Pedophile Rings LINK




World-Wide Awakening Leads 

to Internet Media Restrictions 

 Alex breaks down the horrifying headlines of private youtube channels being shutdown by nanny-state "Flaggers" and the announcement by news hound Matt Drudge that he will be paying his obamacare fine in lew of signing himself and his employees onto the failed government program.




Big Brother Censoring Free Speech on Youtube

Alex is joined buy video activist Mark DIce to discuss the bombshell news that his private Youtube channel was shut down by Nanny State "Super Flaggers" in response to his anti-establishment truth telling videos showing the continued dumbing down of the public at large and the effort to convince them that rights should be revoked.


New Atrocities by Mexican Drug Cartels Revealed  

New revelations coming out on the atrocities committed by the Knights Templar cartel in Mexico and World-wide pedophaelia rings.



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