16 Mar 2014

Swissindo press release : ''Human Obligation Payments” which go to every person and country of the world

By Mel Ve – Alternative Media Journalist & Activist

In June 2013, I became a delegate of the Swiss Indo World Orbit Trust, which is an organization of K681 Mr. Sino A. S., the King of Kings. This may seem somewhat strange to those who follow our work, as most will know how anti Monarchy we at Freedom Central are.

However, Mr. Sino A. S. is no ordinary king. He is the 681st King of a long line of servant kings, a true humanitarian, and a new world visionary. He does not follow the same patterns of the cabal-controlled kings and queens, being that of control by dividing and conquering. In fact, Mr. Sino A. S. has bequeathed his riches to humanity, in order to help our suffering broken planet.

 Global Collateral Accounts

This unique opportunity was recognized by Mr. Sino A. S., who pledged one of the Global Collateral Accounts to the One People
In documents known as Swissindo Exhibits A B, a listing of payments from 1 to 11 are detailed in the form of “Human Obligation Payments”, which go to every person and country of the world. These funds will be used to eradicate hunger and poverty, and to completely overhaul our suffering and broken world.
This is a huge and complicated task, and thus, Mr. Sino A. S. appointed a global delegation to assist. Among the delegates are some of the brightest minds and most prolific activists of our time, who have been chosen (as Mr. Sino puts it) “by God”, to fulfill this sacred mission.
The plan is for the funds to be distributed through a series of projects, which will be “CVAC compliant”. CVAC is the acronym for Creator Value Asset Centre, which is a system of social governance, not government, which empowers the people from the bottom up, instead of from the top down, as has historically been the case.

On Tuesday 11 March 2014, representatives from all over the world, gathered in Cirebon to see Mr. Sino A. S. sign in this grand scheme to bring prosperity to the world.

At this event, several representatives from the five continents addressed the gathering at the Aston Hotel in Cirebon. In Mr. Sino’s speech, he said the following: 
" The global financial crisis and the collapse of governance at this time due to a criminal conspiracy the financial system as well as a high level of banking around the world. For that, the signing of a Payment Order of 1-11 provides the gates throughout the world for the implementation of a new financial systems of global governance …"

(Extract from an Indonesian newspaper, translated into English) 

Although this event did not make it into the international press, it quite literally marked one of the greatest days in modern history. The payments 1 – 11 have now been released, and will be distributed through the CVACs on a global scale. The challenging task now is for the global delegates to put forward plans and frameworks for creating a fair, peaceful, sustainable world, which we quite literally will be able to create, with the massive amounts of resources being made available from the Swissindo World Orbit Trust.

This project is being run under the name of God Sky Earth

What would happen if the financial system collapsed?





This is a very exciting time to be alive, and we are all very privileged to be here to play a part in setting this planet free, and to finally realize our true potential as human beings. Thank you to the Global Delegations, to the team in Indonesia, and to Mr. Sino A. S., for making this possible. Now the world waits in eager anticipation for the roll out of the CVACs and the funding. Much more on this to come, so watch this space.

Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve




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