10 Mar 2014

Benjamin Fulford – March 10 2014: Nazis and Zionists are simultaneously suing for peace and making new threats


The fighting between American Academi (formerly Blackwater) mercenaries
and Russian special forces in the Ukraine and the downing of a Malaysian
airline last week are but a background to ongoing high stakes
negotiations about the future of this planet. These violent incidents
are also a backlash against a snowballing purge of Nazi/Zionist zealots
that has now extended to Saudi Arabia and other gulf oil kingdoms after
they banned the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood. Since they have already been
purged from Egypt this means their last base in the Middle East, and
last source of oil money, is Qatar, home to the Al Jazeera propaganda

The threats to cause terrorist attacks around China to “sky rocket,”
made before the Malaysian air disaster, came from a source using the 215
Philadelphia area code. This is the same source that predicted in
advance the turmoil in the Ukraine. Philadelphia is the base of
Fethullah Gulen, a senior proponent of the cabal’s planned “one world
religion.” Since Gulen is involved in sending Tartar activists to
contribute to the turmoil in the Ukraine, his organization is suspected
of being somehow involved in the latest attack. Turkey is the original
home of the Sabbatean mafia that created the Thule society and Nazism.
According to American Defense Intelligence Agency and MI5 sources there
is a Nazi submarine base in New Guinea disguised as a gold mine.


This is one of secret Asian operations bases used to stage the 311
nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan three years ago
tomorrow. It may well be where the attack on the Malaysian airlines
flight originated.

In any case, the troubles in the Ukraine and Malaysia and probably soon
elsewhere too, are just a back-drop to ongoing negotiations between
several large factions. A representative of the military industrial
complex contacted the White Dragon Society last week and laid out
several conditions including a threat to wage all-out war if oil is made
obsolete by free energy technology and a request by the NSA types to be
allowed to continue with their program of all out surveillance.

The WDS said that free energy technology would only
be allowed a first for projects the current oil business model cannot
carry out, such as turning deserts green with desalinated sea water and
heating up the arctic and Antarctic. Oil would then be phased out
gradually as the oil industry shifted to the business of creating new
eco-systems. The oil industry people asked that they be allowed to
continue expanding their hydrocarbon business using natural gas and this
was considered a viable option.

The NSA types were told they should at least stay out of people’s
bed-rooms since government has no role in the bedrooms of the nation.
They were also told that some things will always remain secret no matter
how hard they try to find out.

The Nazis for their part insisted on eugenics policies. They were told
that any type of eugenics that involved killing, sterilizing or
otherwise culling “useless eaters” was not going to be allowed. However,
the current taboo on using genetic engineering to remove hereditary
diseases and give people enhanced abilities would be lifted, according
to a source involved in the negotiations.

In any case, until a final deal is implemented, pressure will be
increased until the cabal behind the US dollar and Euro debt slavery
systems free the human race from bondage.

The pressure is most visible in the energy sector where cabalists have
lost control of most of the Middle East and may be losing control of
their recently acquired fiefdom in Libya. News reports of a North Korean
tanker loading up with oil in a rebel held port in Libya are a clear
indication of this loss of control.


The most obvious sign of the decline in power of the cabal that controls
the regime in Washington D.C. though, can be seen in the reaction to
their calls for sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine.

In this case, Germany, France and the UK have all rejected any sanctions
for many good reasons. The biggest is economic, in that these countries
rely on Russian and Middle-Eastern energy and investment. Any sanctions
would hurt them far more than they would Russia. The other is moral, in
that a democratically elected regime was ousted by violent foreign
mercenaries actively espousing a Nazi ideology. Any European countries
supporting the usurper regime would be breaking international law.
The fact is that it is the corporate government of the United States no
longer has many friends and is itself being hit hard by sanctions.

The Russians, Chinese and others have been selling US government bonds,
banning the import of US agricultural goods and threatening to dump all
of their US dollar holdings.

In these circumstances the Pentagon and the bulk of the US armed forces
and intelligence services are aligning themselves with the White Dragon
Society and their allies.

One good sign has been a purge of Bush Nazi allies from the US nuclear
command structure. According to Gordon Duff of the Adamus group:
“the Bush family is tied to Dominionism, a heretical Judeo-Christian
death cult that deeply infiltrated the military service academies and
eventually took over America’s nuclear command structure.It is the
removal of these ‘Dominionists’ that we hear about as ‘discipline
failures’ among every rank of America’s nuclear forces.”


However, the threat of nuclear war still hangs over the negotiations.
The gnostic illuminati still possess rogue nukes and are now threatening
to annihilate London and Jerusalem. So, efforts are being made to
create as much of a win-win situation as is possible under the
circumstances by trying to bring all the various factions towards a
consensus. Changing the direction of the planet is difficult and
requires patience.

We keep hearing about events planned for the rest of this month, notably
the middle of March, but, so many dates have come and gone that we do
not give these latest predictions much credence. However, a Federal
Reserve Board negotiating team will be meeting with the WDS in early
April for talks and that could be the venue for a breakthrough. In the
meantime everybody must do what they can to help and not just spectate.

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