16 Mar 2014

UK NEWS : UK CITIZENS Can't Afford to Die: Brits struggle with 'funeral poverty'


"Dead Expensive"...but drones are cheap

With so much efforts spent on making a living, 
few people address the price of dying. 

In the UK many realize too late that death 
isn't something they can really afford. 

What's not mentioned here is that when you die your Original Birth Certificate which has Matured as a Bond throughout your life cycle, is cashed in by the government for a staggering £20 million or there abouts, these are the same Bonds that the governments keep selling to other countries in exchange to a clear debt, example, the US sold all their Bonds to China, so in theory, China now owns all the American citizens, just a point of interest.

Dont forget, if your being cremated they dont burn the coffin, the coffin goes back to be resold ( as was found out in rotherham a few years ago ). And why would you want brass handles on your coffin when you are going to be cremated, they are nothing but rip off merchants. 


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