15 Mar 2014

Landlords exacted ‘revenge evictions’ on estimated 200.000 tenants who asked for problems to be fixed ... charity claims



‘More than 200,000 renters in England are estimated to have been the victims of a ‘revenge eviction’ in the last year after asking for a problem with their home to be put right, the charity Shelter said today.
It said one in 50 (2 per cent) private sector tenants said they had been evicted or served with an eviction notice because they had complained to their landlord or letting agent about something that was not their responsibility – such as a fault that needed repair – or had complained to their council when their landlord or letting agent had refused to carry out repairs.
Shelter said that would be equal to more than 213,000 people if the figures are projected across England.’

Read more: Landlords exacted 'revenge evictions' on estimated 200,000 tenants who asked for problems to be fixed, charity claims

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