10 Mar 2014

Link between The loss of Flight MH307 Malaysian air disaster and Kuala Lumpur Tribunal’s genocide verdict against Israel

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There were two similar events in the last ten years when two Air France jumbo jets came down over the ocean, with no radio communication or distress signal. At the time France was refusing to take part in the NATO wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Later on, Sarkozy changed the posture of France with regard to the wars, and the crashes stopped.

Malaysia has now met with a similar removal of a passenger plane's electronic capabilities, no distress signal and complete disablement over the ocean. It's as if a kill switch was flicked - literally. What might be bugging the world's militaries on this occasion, and cause them to pick out malaysia for a bit of the treatment?


-The black box emits a signal which can be picked up hundreds of miles away... still no sign of wreckage more than 36 hours after disappearance from radar
-no adverse weather conditions
-no kind of distress signal sent
-the pilot has (had) over 18,000 hours of flight experience, since 1981
-the plane model has no significant history of safety or mechanical failures.

This kind of thing has been going on there for a while.  Blair and Bush were declared to be war criminals by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission in 2011, which has had a great impact on their worldwide reputations.  The War Crimes Commission has been recently attacking Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians.  That never goes down too well, especially when Israelis are involved in managing the situation on the streets of Kiev.  It's another way of raising the threat level for Putin.


Just from our recent knowledge about strange car crashes, anything is possible.

It has been proved that model cars and planes can be radio controlled.

Because planes ' fly by wire ', then given the right equipment, these can be taken over from another control system.

The Germans totally stripped some new aircraft to remove ' chips ' installed during manufacture. These chips would have made it easy to be taken over.

Just remember the brand new Russian plane that was flown into a mountain last year. Accident my foot.

Genocide Charges against the State of Israel: 
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal


Why the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal’s 
genocide verdict against Israel 
sets a key precedent

''The Boeing 777 has inflight 24/7 direct data links to Boeings Computer centre in Seattle, Washington. All data links were immediately severed which only a very large military plastic explosive is capable of doing either 100-200lbs smuggled on board or a typical guided anti-aircraft Missile such as from one of the USS Navy Guided Missile Destroyers known to be in the South China Seas area at that time.

The USA 7th. Fleet in the South China Seas on ship radars would have tracked the doomed airliner, knew it exploded and dropped into the sea. The radar tracking would have also precisely known where the parts impacted.''


''The USA Recon Satellites would have immediately seen the Malaysia airliner explode in mid-air. The Recon office would also have immediately spotted if a solid boosted anti-aircraft missile had been launched immediately beforehand. Within a mere 7hrs the results would have been poured over and certified.

Yet, not a single word of either.



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